At Feeding Hungry Children Ministries, we have been first-hand the destitution of people who long to be educated and fulfill their God-given destiny. We belive that by 1 child at a time we can conquer, homelessness, abandonment, and many other tragedies that we do not often see. Unfortunately, Haiti has become a common site for such tragedies and we have encountered many horrible stories of girls being sold for things we take for granted, such as a simple meal. Join Feeding Hungry Children Ministries in its efforts to end destruction and despair in Haiti by contacting our children's charity immediately in San Antonio, Texas

Our Goals
Our goal at Feeding Hungry Children Ministries is to deliver food, school supplies, clothing, and other essentials to individuals throughout Haiti. We strive to guarantee all children and families who lack daily essentials are given a second chance after disaster. With your help, our nonprofit organization can grow and better guarantee the health and happiness of less fortunate families.
Another key goal is to help families move past needing help and become self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term self- help development programs funded by grants and individual donors, thousands of families in countries around the world can increase their ability to be self-sufficient through education and support.

What Drive Us
During a 2003 trip to Haiti, we came across a 5-year-old boy who ask us for .50 cent. We asked him what he needed it for, and he said he wanted to go to school to learn. We then asked him where his mom was and discovered he had not been to school for year due to his mother's condition. Touched by his determination we paid for him to go to school. 2 years later the boy told us that God informed him he was meant to go to school and educate himself. Since the Earthquake of 2010, we have not been able to find this little boy. His disappearance
 drives us to help as many people as possible through our children's charity, as this is not just a job but also our calling in life.
Learn about how you can benefit the children of Haiti by calling Feeding Hungry Children Ministries at (210) 542-4381 and San Antonio, Texas.

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